Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment Yellow

Transparent Iron Oxide Pigment (Yellow)
Against BASF L1916

CAS NO. 51274-00-1
Synonym Transparent Pigments
Origin China
Packing 25 /Kgs. Bags
Molecular Formula Fe2O3•H2O
Molecular Weight 177.71

Technical Standard of Trans-Oxide Pigment:-

Appearance Yellow Powder
Color(compared With standard) Similar
Relative color strength (compared with the Standard)% ≥98
105 Volatile matter ≤3.0
Water soluble matter% ≤0.05
(45µm)% Residue on 45µm mesh ≤0.1
PH of water 6-8
Oil absorption g/100g 35-40
Fe2o3 % ≥82.0
Oil resistance 5 grade
Water resistance 5 grade
Alkaline resistance 5 grade
Acid resistance 5 grade
Solvent (ethanol-resistant, Resistant to toluene) 5 grade
UV absorption ≥95%


Transparent iron oxide pigment yellow can be used in automotive coatings, wood coatings, architectural coatings, industrial coatings, powder coatings, art paint, plastics, nylon, rubber, printing ink, cosmetics, tobacco packaging and other packaging coatings. Transparent iron oxide pigments can be used in combination with organic pigments which can not only enrich the color and improve the chroma, but also can significantly improve the condition of poor weather resistance when organic pigments are used alone.