Sodium Thiocyanate 99%

Sodium Thiocyanate

CAS NO. 540-72-7
Synonym sodiumthiocyanide;Thiocyanatesodium
Origin China
Packing 25/Kgs. Bags
Molecular Formula CNNaS
Molecular Weight 81.07
Appearance White Crystalline Powder

Quality Analysis Report:

NaSCN(Drying) %Min 99.0 99.13
Solution Appearance(100g/l) Clarify Clarify
PH value in water(5g/100ml) 6-8 7.0
Sulfate(SO4) % Max 0.01 0.011
Chloride(Cl ) % Max 0.02 0.014
Insoluble in Water % Max 0.005 0.002
Heavy Metal(pb) % Max 0.002 0.0015
Iron(Fe) % Max 0.0002 0.00012
Moisture% Max 1.0 0.70


Sodium Thiocyanate is mainly used in sectors of pharmaceuticals, Pesticide, Synthetic fibe, Electroplating, Photography, Accelerator for cement etc.
Sodium Thiocyanate can be used in Fibre industry : As spinning solvent for polyacrylonitrile
Architecture industry: Hardening accelerator for cement and concrete mixes
Pesticide: Raw material for the production of a number of herbicides and fungicides
Pharmaceuticals: Raw material for the production of a number of pharmaceutical products